sábado, 3 de julio de 2010


My Favorite dish is Pabellon!
this dish is from Maracaibo. People eat it for lunch. it has meat, rice, platano slices and black beans with cheese! it´s delicious!

martes, 15 de junio de 2010

what are they doing?

1) She is listening to music!
2) She is eating!
3) He is sleeping!
4) She is cooking!
5) she is singing!

ready! I hope you like it!

martes, 1 de junio de 2010

What´s a great gift?

my great gift is a new clothes. i love new clothes♥

What´s your room?

In my room there is a bed, a tv and dvd player! there is a closet! in my closet there are a clothes and shoes! there are jeans, there are purses! there are courtains! there is a dresser! there are books! and there are two mirrors! :D

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

What´s your favorite items?

My favorite items in my room is my TV, because i like it watching to the movies!

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Where are you from?

Hi! My name´s Norianny Pedroza! I´m from Venezuela! I´m Venezuelan!

He´s name´s Ming Yung. He is from Korea. Is Korean!
she´s name´s Camile Matizee. She´s from France. Is french!
He´s name´s Paulo Cruz. He´s From Brazil. Is Brazilian!
She´s name´s Britany Mc Kendin. She´s From The U.K. Is British!